You found one of the Star Maps in the ruins it had been guarding. Kono says that you should poison it, and has given you a canister of some sort of blister agent they developed to use against the sharks. But there's a footlocker here with a Plasma Grenade in it. This was me in my first playthrough actually, like sure the poison could possibly harm the Kolto preventing harvesting but it would 100% get rid of the shark, where as destroying the machinery would 100% stop kolto harvesting but You can kill her here or simply talk her out of everything that's going on. Once youve collected three Star Maps and try to leave the planet youre on youll be captured by Saulin the Leviathan. At the end of the path, you'll find the Star Map. He'll thank you and give you 500 Credits. Your Arbiter will basically blow the case for you, but you shouldn't interrupt him until he tells the court you are insane. This is the right time.
This is the right place.
WHY IS NOTHING THE SAME? Since this battle is so epic, you'll be short-handed for a very long time. No matter which approach you choose there is no Light Side or Dark Side Points to be had - even the pure combat approach will not earn you any points. The room that leads to the submarine is located deep in the Republic Embassy. Their leader tells you that some Jedi have gone ahead to look for Bastila. And with what said, four Dark Jedi come through the doors and engage in battle with the Jedi and your party. Fill injector pod Itll cost you 20 credits for a practice run. You'll have to fight her several times here (and somehow she regains her strength while you stay at what you were), but the fight is more symbolic. 3. The harvester malfunctioned! Kill off the Sith soldiers, Dark Jedi and the gun turrets strewn about this area. Go forward from the leftmost airlock, and when you can go right or left, go left. The only other ending is the alternate ending explained above. This puzzles Darth Malak until he realizes that it is Revan who is with the Jedi, and that's why they can't stop him. Simply tell the truth, because lying will not help in this case. Nothing will work. The door to your left is a dud, so the only other option is so go up and through the door there. Note: Once we uncover the PC secret ending, we will add it to this section. This information will set you free - that's why it was so vital to go that deep into the Sith Base! When you are ready for the races youll receive 300, 600 and 800 credits respectively and become the Manaan swoop race champion! Once you're inside the Sith Base our main story objective includes obtaining the Data Module and the Datapad. But you can't do anything to me - I know too much! The cost of all Antidote Kits and Medpacs trebles throughout the galaxy: on the up side, this means they can now be sold on the Yavin Station for almost twice what they cost to buy beforehand (100*3 * 65/100 = 195%). Kill the easy foes and search the footlocker at the left side of the room for a Frag Grenade,Concussion Grenade, and Poison Grenade. Otherwise, get off of the ship and choose your party. If you're facing the scientists, the door you came into this area via will be to your left. I guess you'd find out anyway: the harvesting machinery released a toxin into the water. 2022-06-30; the dangers of tradition commonlit It's not my fault! Beyond the pressure door in the north wall at the west end of the trench is the east airlock at the south end of Hrakert station's East Hallway B, where any party left at the west or central airlock will rejoin you. Trying to persuade them using the Force never works, and using it a second time is the quickest way to be banned from the planet: Lying to them by trying to blame the Sith for what happened is a more convoluted way of doing so: Rather than continuing to lie or feigning ignorance, you can admit to it and then start telling the truth (as you should do from the start): You're returned to the cockpit of the Ebon Hawk. Once you've acquired both you can head out to the Sea Floor via the Pressure Door in the southern portion of the area. What would stop him from wasting other populated worlds? If you didn't collect the Datapad then you'll need to tell them that the Sith offered you a job and when you refused they attacked you. Archived post. Mixing in Jedi powers can help, but also costs time and Dark Force powers aren't that effective on Malak. Do you have pictures of Gracie Thompson from the movie Gracie's choice. You'll encounter more of the cream-of-the-crop of Darth Malak's Sith forces. But when the conversation is over, you can certainly go back up to the surface yourself and take care of the final side quest on this planet Head back up to the surface and work your way to the Ahto City Cantina vicinity. If you're a Jedi Consular or just not strong enough to handle Malak's onslaught, then the following strategy may be your best bet. Well this ruckus (and carnage) you've caused at the Sith Base is quite illegal and you're going to be held for it. Kill the droids, and go through the door they were guarding. Once the trial is over your charges will be dropped and you're free to go. Head back to the Republic Base in East Central. You can use it to either feed toxin into the vents (dark side points), or use the tank pressure controls. If you speak to Judge Shelkar again after being released, regardless of your actions in the Hrakert Rift: From StrategyWiki, the video game walkthrough and strategy guide wiki, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic/Hrakert Rift. WebIf you poisoned the shark, you'll be permanently banned from Manaan unless you do not give self-incriminating answers to the court (see above), and threaten them in turn. first you fill the three holding fing then you put the three With the machine gone, the giant firaxan shark lost interest and returned to wherever it had laired. You have to get one of the containers to equal 4 million. Step 3. Here you'll fight a heavily armed Sentry Droid. Type in devmgmt.msc in the Run box and click OK in order to run it. If you destroyed the station, you'll have their respect and gratitude. If you destroyed the station, you'll have their respect and gratitude. 5.Then play the game. You can actually bypass the Flow Control room as theres another way around to the other side. If Malak had not intervened and betrayed Revan when he did Game Crashes after Speaking to Alien Prisoner. Both solutions are presented to you by people who 5 minutes ago were so panicked that couldn't listen to a reason and tried to murder you in cold blood: Poison the shark without knowing if there will be any consequences (although there is a chance that there will be some). That was simple or maybe not that simple, but whatever. Once inside your cover will be blown and youll have to fight. Dark SideObviously if you've taken the Dark path, Bastila will in fact be on your side and no one will need to go "looking for Bastila." How do I get past the elevator in the Sith Base. If you destroyed the station, you'll have their respect and gratitude. Remember - if one character dies in this onslaught, he won't be revived until this battle is over, and this battle can literally take 15 minutes of your time. Fill injector pod. Speak first with the Intelligence Officer and hell tell you what things are important to the prisoner. And with what said, four Dark Jedi come through the doors and engage in battle with the Jedi and your party. Simply tell the truth, because lying will not help in this case. Transfer from injector to container. If you fail to answer the Selkath court exactly as you see above then you'll be removed from Ahto and sent back to the Ebon Hawk. Cookie Notice If you have good persuade/force persuade skills you may find it easiest to talk with the prisoner. There's a bridge over the Hrakert Rift itself to the east, beyond which a huge sea beast can be seen looming over the Star Map. If you decide to do the assassinations youll be rewarded quite well but will also score dark side points. Youll find the Republic Base in the East Central Courtyard. I wouldn't recommend the method if you're playing Light Side though, as poisoning the shark and later reporting it to Roland Wann gives you Dark Side points. The movement underwater is extremely, extremely slow moving. WebKotor is a coastal town in Montenegro, surrounded by fortifications built during the Venetian period. En route you'll run into Darth Bandon and two Jedi Knights. Additionally, it's taking mercenaries left and right to protect the Republic people down below from dangerous Manaan creatures, but most have died. Proceed through each corridor one at a time hitting the door/flow controls to transfer the water. Webkotor poison shark or destroy machinery. I guess you'd find out anyway: the harvesting machinery released a toxin into the water. The way these vents work is there are always two which have no steam blowing out of it and they switch on and off in an ascending/descending order. Talk to Roland at the reception desk and ask him about the Star Map, he'll have information for you but will be unable to tell you anything until you help him out first. Eventually you'll come to the end of the line, the doorway that leads to Bastila. Reddit and its partners use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with a better experience. Dump container pod Finally, the next time you try to return to the West Central courtyard from the docking bay, the door will be locked again and the Port Official tells you the docking fee is now 500 credits: However, as before it's easy to persuade him you don't need to pay it at all by using the Force. When you try to use it, they panic: There are 60 seconds to complete depressurization, and there's a warning every six seconds. Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Has Perfected Lightsaber Combat, Project Milo Was a Big Swing (and a Miss) at Leveling Up Game AI, Moon Mystery - Official Kickstarter Trailer, Resident Evil 4 Clockwork Castellan Locations. Okay, I did it. Youll take damage getting through the mist but hopefully youll survive. They are of little difficulty, but definitely harder than most droids we've come across thus far, mainly due to their built-in shields. Hes trying to investigate why the Republic are hiring so many mercenaries. Yes. Go left and fight off the Selkaths within this room. After all, you want the Republic crushed when you take over as Dark Lord of the Sith. Disable the Read-only Feature of the Game. Youll be appointed as the Arbiter. 2022-06-30; the dangers of tradition commonlit When they are dead, search their bodies before continuing further. Basically, so long as you hit both Door Controls in the main room you'll be able to pass through each corridor with no issue. Convince them that the Sith are evil by bringing them the pin of one of their friends who was killed by the Sith in one of the rooms in this area. I hope it'll work for you. Firaxa Sharks are the only enemies you'll face in the open ocean and you can instantly defeat them by using the Sonic Emitter when they agro you and start swimming towards you. A Selkath of some importance, a lower ranking politician. 1) tell them about the facility 2) tell them about the shark 3) threaten to tell the planet about the facility. Use the Sonic Emitter immediately upon exiting the pressure door from Kolto Control: the Firaxa swimming away to the left isn't an immediate threat, but it is within range. Web1. Plead not guilty Speak with the two people on the other side of the force field. You found one of the Star Maps in the ruins it had been guarding. When they are slain, inspect their bodies for any goods they might have on them. Make certain you have Bastila in your group. In fact, he offers you guidance on how to be safe whilst under the water, and promises to not only keep this information to himself, but to try to further the Republic's cause. While you can unlock the doors, this doesn't solve the problem: even if you return to the sea floor, the countdown will simply resume when you return. He sides with the Republic and was simply curious about everything that was going on. From there, go rightward and further down the path we're on. I guess you'd find out anyway: the harvesting machinery released a toxin into the water. Go where you haven't yet been in the Star Forge and chances are you're on the right path. 1.Open your KOTOR's data folder. I've already looked for a way to get myself unbanned, and it does not seem to be possible without reloading the save, which I really don't want to do as my last save before getting banned is about 6h of gameplay away. It is located on the Bay of Kotor, one of the most indented parts of the Adriatic Sea. Go on in. Hack and spike all of the six computers, using six Computer Spikes per computer (you should have plenty, you'll need 36 total), telling the computer to destroy itself. Here, you can go forward through a door or left into a corridor full of patrol droids. This Sith Datapad will single-handedly set you free from the Selkath courts by proving to them that the Sith are training young Selkath in the ways of the Dark Jedi so that future generations of Selkath can rule Manaan while secretly being of the Sith Order. Take the submersible down to Hrakert Station. Beyond them, you should go left, where you'll face off with two more Dark Jedi guarding a doorway. Before going back out of the hatch behind where the scientists are located, go back to the little room before where the force field was. 2nd Answer: 18 The door behind them leads to the second deck of the Star Forge. The harvester malfunctioned! Here, you can go up or left. Go forward through the door now, where you'll find a purple force field blocking your way through one of the corridors. Move along this seemingly empty corridor until you get to the door on the other side, where Darth Malak will be waiting for you. 3. Use the Pressure door and go outside. Youll have another dream on your way to Manaan, showing the location of the Star Map. Main Knights of the Old Republic Walkthrough. With the machine gone, the giant firaxan shark lost interest and returned to wherever it had laired. On Normal the vents do 25 damage each, they'll do less on Easy. Can you save sunry Star Wars knights the old republic? The explosion to kill a giant firaxan? (My first playthrough). Our hero knows that the head of the Sith is a leader who can and will destroy planets full with billions of people due to lack of patience or purely on a whim. You'll eventually come to the Kolto Control Panel. There's a footlocker by the southeast wall: From StrategyWiki, the video game walkthrough and strategy guide wiki, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic/Kolto Control, It's easiest to feed toxin into the vents, although this results in you moving closer to the dark side of the Force when you report it to Roland Wann: However, it's almost as easy to access fuel tank pressure control and overload the fuel tanks, and aside from receiving more experience it's also much easier not to be banned from the planet when you return to the surface: If you try to use the control panel again: As you cross the Hrakert Rift, you'll now see the sea beast floating to the south, clearing the path to the Star Map. Fill injector pod A Sith diplomat will be there. The battle with Malak is broken into two parts. Well that's where you'll go to use Sonic Emitters as well - I'll let you know when to use them. However, you can search footlockers in the airlocks beyond for the Computer Spikes necessary to use the computer panel: The second option is to simply destroy the force field: Either way, once the force field is down: The third option is to try speaking to them again by interacting with the force field: They apologize for panicking, and explain what's been going on down here to make them so scared: The shortest route is to ask why did the Selkath all go crazy: You can move closer to the dark side of the Force by killing them: Otherwise, you can make a non-binding statement of intent: A cannister containing a chemical toxic to firaxan sharks. There are sharks everywhere. Go through the door into the tunnel the Twi'lek recently told you not to go into. He wants you to recover a droid that was taken by the Sith. If you follow the dark side visit Hulas in the East Central area of Ahto City. If I was in front of the Control Panel I would deem the risk of letting the shark live to be FAR too great. If she manages to keep on using her Battle Meditation, the Republic fleet will be completely destroyed when they come out of Hyperspace to fight the battle here over the Unknown Planet. 2. When you follow him, he'll tell you to keep moving and then a shark will kill him! It's not that simple, however!, Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReportAd. Use the submersible to return to the Republic Embassy on the surface, where Roland Wann awaits you in the corridor exiting the submersible bay to the east: If you speak to him again, you can ask for a bribe to move closer to the dark side of the Force and you can do so repeatedly: Before opening the door to leave the Republic Embassy, save game. Youll find a room with a broken droid belonging to the Republic. Its the same as the other planets. 4. Note: This final level of the walkthrough was written from the perspective of having rejected Bastila's offer to take your place as Dark Lord of the Sith. [A moderator or administrator was deleted at the request of this message]. Once through the elevator and on the next floor, another cutscene with Darth Malak and Bastila takes place. Below are all of the correct answers laid out for you - or you can watch my video instead if you'd like to be walked through the quest that way. You'll get 500 experience points for your troubles as well. You'll get a special, quirky ending. You can hack the computer and ask it to create you a custom-made robe, along with some powerful weapons. It took a while, but I figured it out. I'm trying to kill that big Manaan shark thats guarding the Star Map by releasing the toxin, but no matter what, I get booted back to the Ebon Hawk every time after the Selkath trial. **Warning** If you choose to put toxins into the water and poison it you'll be taken into custody when you resurface on Manaan and (possibly) banned from the planet permanently. Past the training area youll meet a Dark Jedi Master with some Selkath assistants. Walk all the way to the west to the West Lounge and take out the Assault Droids and Sith Heavy Trooper. Continue down the hallway to the east and youll find a console that will allow you to download the area schematics. Next to him is a footlocker with 3 Parts in it. Selkath officers are lying in wait to arrest you, and you can be banned from the planet if you make a mistake during your trial: You are taken to Ahto West to answer for your actions before the Ahto High Court. There is no one way to do this, you basically just keep trying different things until it eventually works. Once you've gathered your booty, head right. mhgu early g rank weapons,
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